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Your wedding day

should be something special...




     We start by giving you a free private consultation lesson!




We want to meet you both.


We want to hear all your wedding day plans.


This is also a great opportunity to tell us any idea's you may have and we can help get you organised prior to starting your first actual lesson.


Bring in your favorite song OR we can search our computer database until we find that perfect track for you.

We have thousands of songs to choose from and for more intricate routines, we have an in-house DJ who can edit the music to our specific requirements.


If you think your favourite song is un-danceable… We love the challenge!


We can create a unique routine without using any of the "commonly taught" partner dances.


We also teach simple last minute moves OR something more personalized that suits you as a couple.


The options are endless...




What style suits YOU?



Traditionally the wedding dance of choice and fits to most music and is often refered to as "Box Step" or "Bridal Waltz".

You will find that many songs are not actually the correct rhythm for Waltz timing. However, if you do happen to find a song which is 3/4 timing and have a little extra time to master this beautiful dance, you'll be sure to leave all your guests mesmerized at how graceful you both look!

This will suit faster songs, big band music, Frank Sinatra classic's or anything that has a swing to it. It's a great option if you'd like a more sophisticated looking routine with that classic old world charm.



The YouTube Phenomenons
Baby Got Back, Dirty Dancing, Michael Jackson Style, Chris Brown 'Forever' The list goes on and on…etc…

Hip Hop, Old School, 90's, House/dance music or any other commercial music.
You Can Dance is the only studio in Melbourne which specialises in street style wedding routines! We have some seriously talented instructors on board who can create some youtube-worthy routines!

"Scent of a Woman", "True Lies" and "Shall We Dance" are just a few movies which demonstrate how dramatic this style
could be for a wedding dance. If you can master this passionate dance you'll have your guests hanging on every second!

50's/Rock 'n' Roll
How about Swing, Lindy Hop, Jive or Rock and Roll for a first dance?
This has been the most popular choice for couples wanting something 'different' other than a Hip Hop/Freestyle dance.

Dirty Dancing has forever been a favourite wedding dance but there's also many other great latin songs which could be used
for a sexy looking routine. Latin could be a good choice for beach themed weddings or those couples heading abroad to get married...

Comedy & Themed Routines
Just want to make your guests laugh? You've found the right studio!



Whether you decide to dance something traditional or different...

It's our aim to teach you to look as natural as possible!




Have your bridal party join you for a second dance!

- A group routine

- A guys routine

- A girls routine

- Father & Daughter dance

We can have you all dancing in only a few lessons!



Include some of your guests!

Have a 'spontaneous' group of friends break into a choreographed dance routine which everyone is able to copy and join in!

A great way to get the party started!!



Basic Package $255.00
Just enough time to get around the dancefloor with some basic moves.

3 x 1 hour Private Lessons

3 x 1 hour Group Classes (Valid for all classes and a great way to practice!)


Standard Package $480.00
Suitable for most beginners.

6 x 1 hour Private Lessons

6 x 1 hour Group Classes (Valid for all classes and a great way to practice!)


Premium Package $750.00
Choreographed from start to finish, allowing plenty of time for practice.

10 x 1 hour Private Lessons

10 x 1 hour Group Classes (Valid for all classes and a great way to practice!)

*music editing included free of charge.


Casual Private Lesson $90.00
Pay as you go.

1 x 1 hour Private Lesson



Music Editing Service

We have a wide selection of music on hand and an in-house DJ who can remix and edit music to your
specific requirements.

We can edit a single track or compile an entire piece.

A hard copy can be provided to you on CD or an MP3 via email.

You may also opt to have us liase with your band or DJ to go over your requirements with them.

This cost for this service is $55.00 (per edit) and is included free of charge with our Premium Package.
Please contact us here for more information.

Check our blog for some more wedding song idea's -



It's our priority to make the process fun and enjoyable for you both.



Our instructors are patient, non-serious, easy going, internationally trained and qualified.


Whatever your wedding day style is, we teach you to look good!


The first free lesson is a great way for us to meet you both, choose a song and teach you a few moves to practice.


You'd be suprised by the amount of "left footers" that come to us thinking they have absolutely no rhythm and end up dancing an amazing routine!


Try to avoid booking at the last minute even if you're only having a few lessons. It's best to be prepared early rather than rushing to finish the dance the final week of the wedding!

Give one of our friendly instructors a call today and book in your FREE wedding consultation lesson!


We look forward to meeting you both!


See you on the dance floor...




" Thank you for your help in preparing a wedding routine for Susan and I. 
We had a fantastic day and were able to complete the dance with confidence and style!
Thanks for your patience and perseverance, even given the late changes. 
I liked the way you adapted your teaching style as we gained confidence and
the fact you were always extremely patient with both of us.  The homework exercises
were a big help also and helped us get the most from your lessons.
- Susan & Mark "
" Thank you so much for all your patience. We couldn't have asked
for a better dance teacher!! We certainly didn't expect to nail it after
our appalling final rehearsal but lucky that was only a rehearsal!!
- Anna & Andrew "
"We had Paul as our dance instructor and booking a 10 pass with him was probably
the most fun thing we did in our wedding planning. We were in cahoots every class,
and everyone at the wedding reception LOVED the dance he choreographed.
He is an amazing dance talent and such a great, patient teacher.
Thanks for all the fun Paul. We will see you soon.
- Grant & Lien "
" Thank you for all your help in teaching us to dance. One of our friends
(who regularly attends dance lessons) knew exactly what we were doing, although
I wasn't sure what he was calling our moves :). Also, on our honeymoon, we went
to an observation tower and had a dance. It was a truly romantic evening
and together with the wedding, ones we will never forget.
We will defiantly be back soon for some latin dance lessons.
- Louise & York "
"Thank you for helping to make the [wedding] day so special.
- Kira and Dion "
" We would both like to thank you very much for creating the most wonderful wedding dance for us. You helped make our wedding experience a truly amazing one and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We hope to have more lessons with you, so see you soon
- Nadia and Adrian "
"Thank you so much for your patience, support and guidance in helping us learn to waltz!
You were a great teacher and you got the most out of our limited potential!
We were told that our dance was very nice and we have only you to thank!

- Francis & May "
"Thanks again for your help with our last minute dance routine just 3 weeks before our wedding! You did an amazing job with us in such a short space of time. You made our dance lessons fun and enjoyable as you were so relaxed with us and made us feel comfortable that we could do it! On the night we convinced several people we could dance thanks to the start of the routine, despite the fact that our dance floor was on bouncy tropical grass and we felt like we were dancing on a waterbed! We still managed to pull it off and had loads of fun during our dance routine!

Thanks again. We love what you're doing and that your lessons are such good value! I hope to come in and have a go at some beginners hip hop!

- Melissa & David "

- Wayne & Fleur

Wayne & Fleur came to us for 'something different' and boy did they get it!!
Mixing traditional rumba box step with hip hop - neither of them had danced before…
Excellent job guys!
"We had such a great time learning the routine and our wedding guests absolutely loved it!
- Joanna & David "
"Just thought we'd update you to say that we don't think we embarrassed ourselves or you during our tango.
We had a blast. And really enjoyed lessons with you.
- Ling & Lee "
"Dear Alex - Thank you for choreographing our wedding dance. We had such fun during our lessons and practicing. We did really well on the night! Much appreciated.
- Mel & Will "
"Dear Paul - Thank you for teaching us, for putting up with Silv and for your commitment even after we changed the song on you at the last minute! We didn't put a foot wrong on the night and had great fun dancing!
- Adrienne & Silvo"
"Thank you for teaching us to Rumba for our wedding day. We shocked our audience and ourselfs that we actually pulled it off! We had so much fun during our classes with you. There were some really funny and memorable moments.
- Christine & Dominik"
"Dear Paul, Thank you so much for helping is make our wedding dance so special. We nailed it! Indeed we rocked it!!! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we had the most wonderful day. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and patience. We hope to see you soon at the studio. With many thanks,
- Jasmine & Steven"
"Dear Paul, thank you for teaching us how to dance for our wedding day. Our guests were very surprised and all said it was very romantic especially with the acoustic live music. Thank you for your invaluable knowledge.
- Hannah & Elliot"
"A very belated 'thank you' for teaching us to dance! What was created in a month was quite incredible... worthy of 10/10 scores on the night! Most couldn't believe it! We had such a great time learning and look forward to more lessons with you once the kids are bigger! Thank you again.
- Pauline & Brendan"

"Thank you for giving us the confidence to dance on our wedding night. Your choreography looked so natural and you gave us so many laughs on our lessons. We had an absolute ball and everyone loved it
- Richard & Mairead"
"You know what, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart... We had so much more fun learning the moves and dancing with you guys then doing the dance on the actual night!
You are such delightful people to be around, we had so many laughs and so many arguments as to who was getting the moves right and wrong, but no.. its all your fault bub!
Are you leading or am I???? Haha! Thanks guys, I can't say enough!
- Kelly & Zen"
"Dear Paul & Vlad, We cannot thank you both enough for the unbelievable patience, effort and creativity when choreographing not one but two! amazing routines!! The crowd went wild and we loved every minute of it. We are so proud to be associated with You Can Dance Studio and our wedding guests will no doubt be lining up at your door very soon!
- Dorienne & Oran"
"Dear Paul, Thank you for creating two wonderful and very different pieces of choreography for us! We had the best time ever! Our guests loved it. Also special thanks to Alex for the technical correction at the last minute while you were away! Hehe.
- Kelly & Andrew"
"Dear Alex, Thank you so much for all your hard work & kind help in teaching us to dance. We had a really lovely day and the dance was a big hit on the night! We will bring you some more pic's when we return for some more lessons!! Lots of love...
- Lucasz & Johanna"
"Hi Alex!
Just a short note to say thanks from Jess and I for getting us up to speed so quickly.
Everyone joined us on the dancefloor before we even got halfway through our routine,
nevertheless, we didn't sway awkwardly or anything. I think we fooled everyone!
It was a great day. Thanks again for putting a bit of polish on it for us.
- Scot & Jess"