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you your needs

You want to get fit and healthy.

You think you’re un-coordinated.

You're embarrassed to go to the gym.

You're sick of the gym!

You need a challenge, mentally & physically.

You want to meet new people who LOL in person.

You're embarrassed to dance when you go out.

You went to a party once and tried… it wasn’t good.

You're sick of being the wall flower or hiding in the shadows.

You're getting married this weekend and just realised…


You want to learn more about yourself or your partner.

You just don't spend time together anymore.

You think salsa is a sauce.

You want to become more passionate.

You're sick of watching those dance TV shows because...

You think it's easy!

You're still taking those Step-Reebok classes circa 1987?

You think partner dancing is for old people.

You're already learning at 'Boring Brenda's Dance Studio' but it's lost the sparkle.

You want to 'get outside' your comfort zone.

You want to change your outlook on life and get more out of it.

You're done with the boxstep!

You’ve seen those damn Zumba commercials on late night TV so many times that…

You need new moves already!!!!

You just want something more exciting in your life.

You want to meet fun new people who feel the same way.

Anyone can dance

Why not try a new and fun way to stay both

physically and mentally healthy...

The answer for you could be - partner dancing!


1. Strengthens bones and muscles without hurting your joints.
2. Tones your entire body.
3. Improves posture and balance.
4. Increases stamina and flexibility.
5. Reduces stress and tension.
6. Builds confidence.
7. Provides opportunities to meet new people.
8. Lowers the risk of Heart disease, High blood pressure, Osteoporosis and Depression.


Dancing isn’t just about steps and music,
It’s the perfect combination of physical exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation.

Need new moves? Learn to dance today! YOUCANDANCESTUDIO